Yolande Desjardins

Need help negotiating the sale of your home? Let Yolande Desjardins of Royal LePage Ottawa be your guide.

Yolande became a licensed realtor in 1980. She began her long and successful career in the commercial offices of Royal LePage in Montreal before moving to Ottawa in 1993 to work in the residential sector of Ottawa’s real estate market. Yolande‘s thorough knowledge of the residential real estate market in Ottawa, together with her strong negotiating skills, boundless energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism are a winning combination for her clients.

Yolande believes that clients love and need information in order to make good and satisfying decisions. She works tirelessly advising sellers how to receive top value for their property, and in a timely manner. At the same time, Yolande is equally devoted to teaching buyers of what actually is a good solid and valuable investment in real estate.

Having been in the real estate business for over 30 years, Yolande prides herself on understanding what is happening in this dynamic business on a daily and hourly basis. She credits her university education in economics and finance for her ability to analyse the market correctly at any given time in order to make the necessary technical adjustments which quickly move a property from listed to sold.

Yolande is a great teacher. There aren’t too many situations that she hasn’t already encountered in the past. With Yolande working for you, you can be certain that together you will make a great team.

Testimonial from a Seller

“We recently hired Yolande and her associate Bob Blake to sell our home. It was fall, our neighborhood was flooded with for sale signs and although we wanted to move we weren’t feeling especially confident because although our home had been on the market in the spring with another realtor it hadn’t sold.” So we were prepared to wait awhile for success. She went through the house with us and had suggestions to make to get it into tip top selling condition. She hired a photographer to take new photos, and they were amazing. We heard from Yolande almost every day. She kept us informed on what was happening in our market on a daily basis. Within just a few weeks we were able to sell our home and buy the home that we had been wanting for months. If you need a realtor, we highly recommend Yolande.”