204-206 Lebreton St. N & 44 Louisa St. $1,200,000

Lebreton Street

Developmental Potential
This property is located one block south of Gladstone, just two blocks north of the Queensway – without the noise of the QW ever becoming a factor to both commercial and residential residents on this site. To it’s north is Hintonburg, to the west is Booth street, an artery to the Parliament buildings, the War Museum and Gatineau; one block west of Booth is Little Italy as well as all the restaurants and amenities of Preston street.


To the east is Centertown, where new development by LIV has created a new kind of lifestyle for those tenants looking for the lifestyle afforded in this premium location. To the south is the Civic Hospital, Dow’s Lake and the Experimental Farm.

In order to assess the true value of this amazing property, one needs to understand that 206 Lebreton is a tear down house; hence the rents are low. In addition there are two residential tenants at 44 Louisa whose rents are very low as one has been in residence for 20 years; the other for a much longer period. The sole remaining tenant of 44 Louisa is currently paying $1250 (until February 28th, 2018) for a 2 bedroom apartment.

What follows is a brief history of the property and the significant development potential that exists for a new owner. Essentially the development potential exists for the property in two directions.
Now that the zoning has eliminated the “Floor Space Index” of 1.5 times of the lot area which it presently exceeds relaxes the onsite original parking requirements as it now allows 4 stories in height.

204 Lebreton was constructed in 1924. The exact age of 206 Lebreton is unknown but is believed to have been constructed around 1900. It was purchased by it’s current owner in 1981 and moved across the street to it’s current location when the church was being built.

A purchase of 208 Lebreton would be advantageous. It would increase the development possibilities of such a project even more as the rear part of the house could be integrated or partially demolished and rebuilt higher to 4 stories as part of the new 206 addition, increasing density with a greater return.

On Louisa, an addition to 44 Louisa could be made possible with the purchase of 46 Louisa, (easy to accomplish as 46 Louisa is on the same survey as Part 9). This could be done in conjunction with the new development of 204, 206 and 208; alternatively it could be done at a later or earlier date. It really has great potential now as an infill project with out losing the character of 204 Lebreton and 44 Louisa.

The current owner architect/builder believes that the density could be increased to at least 10 residential units while still maintaining the storefront at 204 if 206 Lebreton and 46 Louisa are redeveloped as new 3 or 4 story additions.

The original goal of the current owner when he purchased 204 and 206 Lebreton was to purchase 46 Louisa as it was at one time on the market for sale. Unfortunately the old zoning was what prevented him from going ahead with the project and the great hassle that would have ensued with the city’s “Committee of Adjustments”.

204 Lebreton St. N / 44 Louisa St. Ottawa, Ontario

Lebreton-Specs-R1Upgrades since 1980
Built 1924, purchased September 1979

204 Lebreton storefront rebuilt/interior renovated, attic insulated with cellulose (no UFFI foam), interior storm windows fitted in the 3 apartments, basement washroom upgraded/kitchenette and laundry tub installed, heating converted from oil to natural gas.

All 3 apartments completely renovated/upgraded.
Building rewired (new mast, new breaker panels in apartments, new meters, new main and breaker panels in basement) (knob and tube and aluminium wiring removed).
All supply plumbing upgraded to copper (no lead or steel pipe), drainage plumbing upgraded to ABS from all fixtures to stacks, pulling stacks 4” repaired with ABS where necessary. Hot water tanks for apartments #1 and #2 relocated from kitchens to space above kitchen in apartment #3.
Garage and basement fire-coded. End wall in garage rebuilt, window installed, garage expanded into space under staircase for apartments #1 & #2.

Brick wall above 204 storefront removed and rebuilt, including new precast concrete window sills in living room apartment #2 and bathroom apartment #1, remaining brickwork repaired an repointed all around. Rear overhand SW corner repaired and record with corrugated metal and new aluminum ventilated soffit installed.

New washroom installed in 204 ground floor.
New skylight windows built inside at the front of 204 Lebreton above the basement rooms below. Building rezoned for office use on ground floor of 204 (75m2) and artist/craft studio in basement at front 35m2), rest of basement for storage.

Kitchenette installed at 204
Water supply piping changed from lead to copper from city water main to meter inside basement washroom.
New corrugated metal roof installed above entry door to garage and apartments #1,2, &3.
Garage door clad with corrugated metal.

Tin ceilings in 204 and apartment #3 bedroom painted with ceramic fire resistant paint (5 coats) and remainder of basement ceiling fire-coded. Fire extinguishers installed in basement and stairwell to apartments #1 & #2 as per direction of Fire Marshall.

New hot water tanks apartments #1, #2, & #3

Apartment #2 repainted

Apartment #1 plaster repairs, repainted, new kitchen counters, floors refinished.
Small disused chimney removed from above kitchen apartment #1.
New “Torch On” roof installed.
Further brick repairs/repointing including a new precast concrete window sill in living room apartment #1. Main chimney repointed with new sheet metal cap installed (not in service).
New high efficiency boiler installed (rental from Enercare)
Stairwell to apartments #1, #2, repaired and repainted.
Exterior trim and windows repaired and repainted.
Expanded mesh with new parging installed on outside concrete basement walls on north, west, and south sides.

Apartment #3 cleaned and repainted.