Determining Value

How much is my house worth?

Before attempting to sell your property you first need to have access to information regarding the Ottawa real estate market. Why? Because getting the right price on your home is the number one most important ingredient to success in the sale of your property.

Yolande will do the research necessary to conduct a comprehensive comparative market analysis of your home to determine the value of your property, which not only requires a careful analysis of neighborhood sale prices, but most importantly, solid knowledge and experience associated with current market conditions.

Since the real estate market is not a static organism, any more than the stock market is, this is not an easy task. Just as each and every individual is unique unto himself or herself, every property is unique unto itself. As well, the real estate market changes every hour of every day, and even the weather has both good and adverse effects on the real estate marke, and the time of year is important. Again, it is a dynamic living breathing organism all of it’s own, and if your realtor doesn’t know how to read these changes and how it will affect the sale of your property, and furthermore, knows how to make the technical adjustments necessary to re-position your property in it’s own marketplace you are out of luck. And once you are out of luck, you will very quickly be out of step, and out of time to get top dollar for your property.

It is also most important to note that Yolande understands that the Ottawa real estate market is changing rapidly due to technology. There are discount brokers that can list your home on MLS for a minimal cost. So it is tempting to consider this option carefully because all of us would be happy to hire someone for less money and achieve the same or better results. Remember that the old adage still holds true, “You get what you pay for.” Your home is the biggest asset you will probably ever have so don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. What you really need to be concerned about is how much money is going to land in your pocket in the shortest possible amount of time. It’s the bottom line that counts.

Yolande works with a full service brokerage for the simple reason that her experience has proven over and over again that working with an industry leader offers services to her clients that far exceed the ‘mere posting’ that is offered by the discount broker. Wouldn’t you rather have the strongest team working for you?

In almost every situation, the discount broker will not even provide you with adequate market information, and often it is usually an additional expense above and beyond the mere posting fee. Before you make your decision make sure you explore all your options. This is the biggest decision of your life.