Marketing Your Home

Yolande works closely with marketing professionals to determine the most suitable way to market your property. Whether your property is your home, your investment property, a rental or business, she will assist you in effectively targeting your market niche.

  1. Determine the type of buyer that will be attracted to your property.
  2. Take professional photographs of your property.
  3. List your property for sale on MLS.
  4. Create an online visual tour of your property.
  5. Your property will also be listed on other online websites, including their own
  6. Place ads in the backpage of the Ottawa citizen when an open house is scheduled
  7. Create feature sheets to display during showings
  8. Install a for sale sign or multiple signs depending on your location
  9. Install directional signs on busy streets to direct traffic to your home during an open house
  10. Insure that your neighbours are made aware of the listing of your property for sale.
  11. Ensure that her extensive network of buyers and real estate professionals are aware of your property’s special features and attributes
  12. Manage showings of your property to buyers, and providing you with feedback of the showings