Staging Your Property

“You only get one chance to make a
‘Good First Impression!”

Think of your home as though it’s your new business. Let’s say you are opening a store and it is going to sell stationary, but the envelopes haven’t yet been delivered on Opening day. All of us have gone into stores that aren’t properly organized, and you find yourself going down one long aisle after another to find what you want, you still can’t find it, and furthermore there is no one in sight to guide you and help you. We have all been there. We walk out and are only too happy to tell others how bad our experience was. So here’s what happened, the owner of this business spent months, perhaps even years getting ready to launch their new business and first eager buyers wanting to come in and spend their money walk out the door without spending a dime and are not too willing to go back in there anytime soon. Point taken, right?

Every time a buyer walks into your home with their realtor, you can be sure they are ready, willing, and qualified to buy, or the realtor would not be showing the property to them. The only way a realtor makes money is to sell a property so our buyers are qualified. If a buyer walks into your home and it isn’t in showing condition, they often won’t even get past the front hall. Because that buyer will stop, turn around, look at their realtor and say….”let’s go..this isn’t for me.”

And guess what…they won’t come back either. So the seller loses out simply because they weren’t ready for that buyer.

Of course there are always buyers who will have comments like, too big, too small, not right layout, neighborhood, street, too far from the school etc., etc., but those buyers haven’t said anything negative…it just wasn’t for them. But if it’s about the condition of the property, and your home doesn’t sparkle, it will cost you money.

Yolande will help you get your property in tip top condition and by the time your property hits the market it will shine!