Testimonial from a Seller

“We recently hired Yolande and her associate Bob Blake to sell our home. It was fall, our Yolande Desjardins of Royal LePage in Ottawa, just found this woman a new home. Is she happy--you bet!neighborhood was flooded with for sale signs and although we wanted to move we weren’t feeling especially confident because although our home had been on the market in the spring with another realtor it hadn’t sold. So we were prepared to wait awhile for success. She went through the house with us and had suggestions to make to get it into tip top selling condition. She hired a photographer to take new photos, and they were amazing. We heard from Yolande almost every day. She kept us informed on what was happening in our market on a daily basis. Within just a few weeks we were able to sell our home and buy the home that we had been wanting for months. If you need a realtor, we highly recommend Yolande.”
–Ottawa Couple

Testimonial from a Buyer

“We have had to move 4 times in the past 7 years. We moved to Nova Scotia just 11 months prior to having to move back again to Ottawa, and it was not something that we were looking forward to. We sat down with Yolande at 2 p.m., and by noon the following day, we had purchased the perfect home for us! We headed back to Nova Scotia the following day and Yolande managed all the details that needed to be done in Ottawa to get us to closing. It was the smoothest move we ever made!”
–Chris and Tracy

Testimonial from a Buyer and Seller 

“When I first met Yolande I was looking for a home to purchase. We looked at quite a few homes together. She begins by asking questions, lots of questions; and the first time we went to visit a house together she began by teaching me about a house, how it sits on the land, how to really look at a house. We were no sooner in the house than she said, let’s go to the basement. The most important part of a home is it’s construction and it’s systems and I learned how to analyze the systems. And then we started to look at the layout, the floors, the room sizes. Yolande loves to provide information.

She once told me when we were looking at homes that a new $60,000 kitchen in 5 years will just be another updated kitchen. I will always remember that. And when it came time for me to sell the house 10 years after I had purchased it, there was no other realtor that could have satisfied me. Because of what I had learned when I purchased the house, I made sure during the time that I lived there to take good care of my house. I changed the windows, insulated the attic, kept it painted and clean throughout my time there, I basically updated it as it needed and did very little renovating at all. Instead of renovating the kitchen I had added new countertops and cabinet hardware. Instead of gutting the bathroom and starting over I had put in a new vanity and new fixtures; shower head, taps, faucets etc. And I made sure that the eaves troughs were kept clean in the fall and winter. So when it was put on the market, even though the kitchen and bath were older they looked terrific. And we sold the house for top dollar in just 8 days on the market!”
–Ottawa Couple